Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Unique Spices Tour in Indonesian

Looking for something different in your visit to Indonesia? Why not to join as the participant in unique spices tour in Indonesia call Organic Vanilla Bean Tour program! Yes, as our major plantation corp in vanilla cultivation, we open the agro tour program for the people who interested and willing to close with vanilla beans as the second expensive spices in the world after Saffron, but since we run the vanilla plantation corp in West Java, Indonesia with other spices as intercropping plant, you able to know also about other spices in Indonesia such as Cardamom, Coffee Bean, Lemon Grass and etc.    

“Agus, any idea how to make body scrub with using vanilla beans as the material?” ask Christine as the participant of vanilla tour program from Singapore in our vanilla plantation, as her interested to vanilla beans, Christine joint in our private class program together with her husband. Not only vanilla bean, as her interested with the natural ingredients so we introduce to them also about kind of spices that we cultivate in our vanilla plantation corp and planted as intercropping plants, cardamom, coffee bean, lemon grass and etc.

The last two weeks before where we got vanilla tour participant from British people who live in Japan, they interested about vanilla as they love about vanilla perfume and want to see about where vanilla fragrance actually come from as the beginning, offcourse from vanilla beans that can be produce if we cultivate vanilla plant. “Agus, this is land of paradise” said one of the vanilla tour particant when visit our corp for lemon grass.

Interested to be participates in our vanilla tour program? This program is available anytime as long as not in a day which already book status by the other participants because this program is offering as the private class. You will be stay in our vanilla plantation at least on 4 days since we have some program that will be explain to you about vanilla bean plantation and other spices corp that we have.

Is it possible for the participant to stay at the hotel nearest vanilla plantation? Since you interested to learn and willing more close with vanilla bean, staying at the vanilla plantation is what our purposes to make you will more, more and more love the vanilla. We provide accomodation and food consumption as long as your participate in our vanilla bean tour program. Our team will join with you since you have landed both in Jakarta International Airport Soekarno Hatta or in Bandung Husein Sastranegara Airport. Let’s start your spices journey by join this tour! Further information about this Organic Vanilla Beans Tours program in more details, please to contact me by email at or visit our blospot at

Monday, September 2, 2013

Flight from Japan to Java use Vanilla Air

Vanilla is loved by everyone in the world, vanilla perfume, vanilla cakes, vanilla cosmetic, how about vanilla air? Interesting information that I got from the website of Business Inquirer, let’s flight with Vanilla Air,

AirAsia Japan rebranded ‘Vanilla Air’

TOKYO – Budget carrier AirAsia Japan is being rebranded as Vanilla Air, the airline announced Tuesday, with its president saying that vanilla is “loved by everyone in the world.” Executives chose Vanilla Air from over 200 other names, taking a month and a half to decide.

“We chose vanilla as our brand name because it is popular and loved by everyone in the world,” the airline’s president Tomonori Ishii told a news conference in Tokyo. “I think it is a very cute name.”

The name was chosen— despite its connotations of “boring” or “bland” in the West – following the break-up of a joint venture between the airline’s parent companies, Malaysia-based AirAsia and Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA), which now wholly owns the carrier.The airlines announced in June that the joint venture would be terminated by the end of October, just over a year after the carrier began flying out of Tokyo’s Narita airport, due to a slump.

Vanilla Air, which will begin flights in late December with two passenger planes to be leased from ANA, is to target travellers heading for resort destinations.  All of AirAsia Japan’s 420 staff will now become employees of Vanilla Air.

Ishii said the carrier would remain based at Narita airport, and aims to serve travellers to resort destinations both at home and overseas, mainly in Asia.  “We will begin with short-distance services but want to expand the range to mid- and long-distances in line with ANA’s branding strategy,” Ishii said, adding that it would also increase the number of airplanes to 10 in 2015.

He said further details about the new operation, including destinations and ticket fees, would be announced in late September. AirAsia Japan, which was equally controlled by AirAsia and ANA, booked an operating loss of about 3.5 billion yen ($36 million) for the year to March.

Ishii said the slump was partially due to the company’s extra focus on online sales — a key strategy for AirAsia, but many Japanese travellers still book flights through travel agents. A company spokeswoman said the new company would cooperate with travel agents, while introducing a new online ticketing system that “can be fit to local customers.”  AirAsia Japan was one of three budget airlines to come online in Japan over the past couple of years, promising to shake up a sector long controlled by ANA and rival Japan Airlines. The Japanese aviation industry has been notorious for sky-high landing fees and fuel taxes.