Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Wonderful of Trusmi Batik Cirebon

As my promised on this blog, on the next occasion when I traveled to the town of Cirebon is where I will post some photos on this blog about my wonderful holiday when I was visited Trusmi batik craft centers in the district of Cirebon. Not only domestic tourists that has visiting Trusmi batik craft centers in Cirebon, but I am also was met foreign tourists from overseas such as Europe and America who came and visit Trusmi batik place.

For all of you who lovers of Indonesian batik, batik clothing and other variety crafts related with batik where is able to be find in the center of Trusmi batik which located in the village of Trusmi, Plered, Cirebon district. You can find many batik shop and batik galery as long on the village road of Trusmi. Buyers who come to Trusmi are not just visiting the place but there are also intending to buy batik products for resale business, if you're pretty good at price bargaining then you can be get qualified batik earn with competitive price.

Knowing the history of Trusmi as the center batik in Cirebon, is inseparable from the role of a Muslim cleric who is also a loyal follower of Sunan Gunung Jati, Ki Buyut Trusmi where the symbols of Islam made ​​by him in the co-taught Cirebon which also art of batik. Until now, the tomb of Ki Buyut Trusmi still well preserved in the village Trusmi on Cirebon district. According information from the website of West Java Tourism Board, Ki Buyut Trusmi is religious leaders who spread the teachings of Islam with Sunan Gunung Jati in Cirebon. He died in 1559. The tomb complex is located at Kampung Buyut Trusmi Dalem, Trusmi Wetan village at Cirebon District.

Have a plan to holiday and visit Cirebon? When you will start from Jakarta, there is train transportation called Cirebon Express that having executive passanger class which comfort for your trip to Cirebon. Other train that having a route from Jakarta to Cirebon is Argo Jati, and please also not to be worried about accomodation since many star hotel on this city.  Find another tourism city nearest Cirebon, Kuningan, Shimmering Paradise.     

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